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A Short Tour Guide For Foreign Students In London


Foreign students often travel to faraway places in search of higher education and lucky are those who get to land themselves an opportunity to study at capital city of both the UK and England. Congratulations, on reaching the most vibrant capital of the world, you are now finally proud enough to call yourself a Londoner. However a change of place and setting nonetheless presents you with a new series of challenges. A new culture to explore and many strangers that would soon become acquaintances the more time you spend with them. In this post, however we would like to offer you a short guide for venues that you should explore as a student. Every now and then you will get some leisure time to spend with your friends. This is sacred and you must make sure that unforgettable memories are woven together and quality time is spent with loved ones. So without any further a due let’s get you started on how you should go about touring this great metropolitan.

Buckingham Palace

If you are visiting London or staying there for your higher educational qualification then making a point to visit this place shouldn’t come as a big surprise. It is after all the residential state of the Queen and a mere glimpse of it is sure to take your breath away. The splendor and majesty of this marvelous structure speaks for itself. Built by the Duke of Buckingham in 1703, it has since served as a resting place for the monarch of United Kingdom. It also offers you an art gallery along being a workplace for more than 800 people. Being invited as a guest to one of its garden parties is purely an honor that very less of us could ever dream off.

Coca-Cola London Eye

If you have seen it in the movies then you are going to love it even more in real time. This massive structure stands at an impressive height of 443 ft. and is the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the entire Europe. A magnificent sight to behold and such is the popularity of this monumental construction that it easily attracts around 3.75 million visitors every year. The London Eye is open for public falls short only to Star Nanchang of China which is also described as the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel. There are 32 air-conditioned passenger capsules weighing approximately 10 tons each. With a capacity of 25 people in each capsule, a complete revolution around the wheel takes around 30 minutes or so. As a student you should make a point to have this bird’s eye view whenever you get the time.

Hyde Park

If you are an outdoor person that likes to explore nature and have greenery around them all the time, then this largest of the Royal Parks is where you will find your inner peace. This place has been established since 1536 and was used as a hunting ground then during the rule of Henry VIII. Popular for its May Day parades, it has received several improvements over the years. It is also quite a socially active venue as it has served as the key setting for many demonstrations including Freedom of Speech. With over 9,000 elm trees, there is a lot more for Botany lovers to discover. There are several statues and sculptures to capture your imagination. Make yourself a picnic and choose a sunny day to get the best time of your life at this serene natural setting.

Madam Tussaud’s

The world famous wax museum in London has grown so popular over the years that it has spawned several other branches across the major cities of the world. A primary tourist attraction for those who seek entertainment with an artistic twist, this place features wax museum of famous personalities across the planet. Many of these are inspired by the work of the French Artist Anna Maria Tussaud who was a masterful creator of wonderful creations made entirely out of wax. Have a look and get your tickets booked online, we assure you that the chills will follow you back to your home once you visit this place. Even celebrities have been found visiting this place to have a look of their own replicas of wax stationed within its halls. There is a lot in this world that you need to discover and Madam Tussaud’s is definitely one of the best recommendations so far.

Science Museum

One of the major museums in London, founded in 1857 and serving as one of the largest tourist attractions within the city, more than 3.3 million visitors every year, is a beauty worthy of your visit. From the cosmos to the atoms that make up matter, you will find things that will amaze your senses and fulfill your soul with the lust for more. A world-class setting that lets you have hands-on experience for some of its most appealing objects and discoveries, you and your friends are guaranteed an intriguing and compelling experience. With over 250,000 exhibitions within its archives, the Science Museum, London is surely the best pick on our list and should be number one in yours.

Sea Life London Aquarium

Located at the County Hall central London, this appealing place opened up in March 1997 and since then is been serving as a host to several million visitors each year. Over the years nearly £5 million over the years and more. It is a great venue for educating students about marine life and it is open for school visits as well. You can have a great time having a look at various ocean and sea life creatures including seahorses, jellyfishes, Cuban crocodiles, and many more. There are several zones for you to discover including the Shark Walk, Atlantic Coasts, Ray Lagoon, Rockpool, and many more. General open timings are 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening from Monday to Friday. Their hospitable staff and friendly ambiance will melt your heart.


Whoever has played the UK variation of monopoly would certainly know about this remnant of the Bronze Age. A prehistoric monument located at the Wiltshire that about 2 miles away from Amesbury. It is an iconic place with a structure built entirely of stones each weighing around 25 tons each. Some believe it was built around the 3000 BC period and it is no doubt one of the most prominent British cultural place yet known to exist. In 1986 it was enlisted as one of the World’s Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. Many say that served as a burial ground for the royal families which lived during that age. However accurate scientific data regarding its actual purpose is still a matter of much debate and speculation. Nevertheless if you want to make something memorable then nothing comes as close as this.

The British Museum

Behold the glorious institution devoted to history of humans and what we have discovered so far. Located at the Bloomsbury area in London, it is an arts and cultural center that showcases around 8 million displays. It is often described as the most comprehensive and largest collection of historical art works in existence. The British Museum is the first of its kind and is open daily from 10am in the morning to 7:30pm in the evening. The site is a great visiting place for schools and kids along with die hard fanatics of anthropology and history. You can literarily have exhibitions ranging from the far corners of the planet and surely experiencing its grandeur will send a distinct feeling that you would remember for the rest of your lifetime.

The Shard

Meet the tallest building in the UK. Frequently known as the Shard of Glass. With 36 elevators, a total of 96 floors, and a total floor area of 1.3 million square feet, this massive building offers you an observatory located at the top, reaching a height of 244 meters. This easily makes it the most dominating sight to behold for the entire City of London skyline. Since its completion in July 2012, it has appeared in several popular media platforms and channels. What we recommend is that you take a trip at this splendid structure and have yourself a view of the entire city from the top. Apart from that you can always fancy yourself and friends to a luxurious dinner within any one of its famous and incredibly charming restaurants. If that sounds like too much extravaganza for you to manage, then simply go for some window shopping at the retail arcade that offers you a mix of local and internationally recognizable brands.

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